The feed and livestock production industry in Cambodia has witnessed significant growth over the past few years. This can be seen from the increased in the number of feed mills in particular investments from major international producers such as CP, Betagro, New Hope, Green Feed, East Hope, SCF and major local players including Master Feed BVB and the Mong Rethy Group. Feed production is growing at an average of 15% per anum which show the rapid expansion of the livestock industry.

The demand for meat protein will continue to see significant growth as Cambodia has emerged as one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. The Asian Development Bank forecast that 2016 growth will be 7.5% - among the fastest in the ASEAN region. Furthermore, the number of tourist arrivals have also jumped and in 2016 reached 4.6 million. This also contributed to the increased demand of meat and eggs in the country.

At the same time, the increase in meat consumption has seen a sharp increase in aquaculture and modern animal husbandry production. More livestock farmers have moved towards intensive farming of poultry and pigs in particular. The key driver is the improved bio-security features of modern farming systems.

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