Economists are anticipating huge growth within Myanmar’s livestock and agriculture industry over the course of the next decade as rising domestic demand as well as a competitive export market pave the way for increased investment in the sector. AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2017 Expo is the key platform which will nurture your business opportunities in Myanmar in order to build and expand your brand presence in the country.

Recognised since 2013 as the industry's biggest and most important international exhibition in Myanmar for the livestock, feed and agriculture industry, AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2017 will be next held from 1-3 December 2017 at the Tatamadaw, Yangon and is your most comprehensive platform to showcase your business to the Myanmar market.

The Asian Development Bank has reported 8.4% growth in Myanmar's gross domestic product in 2016, and 2017 figures are projected to be 8.3%. This greatly puts the country ahead of all other countries in the Southeast Asian region in terms of economic growth. With a new leadership under Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's political party, a strong population of over 52 million people and a large proportion of its people in the working class, the country's has great capability to maintain its rapid progress.

All this translates into a robust growing economy and rising incomes among the mainstream population, which will fuel demand for a wider variety of proteins including meat and eggs. To meet the demand, local producers are looking to greatly increase their production capabilities, and at the same time, the country is anticipating major investment from large foreign companies in the region for livestock and feed production, as well as for agrochemicals.

Whether your objective is to conduct market feasibility studies, seek local partners and distributors, increase existing market share in Myanmar, or simply just to maintain relationships with key clients while looking for new opportunities with foreign partners, you can be certain to meet your objectives at AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2017.

Take action today and reserve your ideal booth location at AGRILIVESTOCK MYANMAR 2017 to satisfy your appetite for business in Myanmar! Contact Ms May at may@ambtarsus.com / 01 230 13 01 - 12 (ext 2075) or Mr Darren at darren@ambtarsus.com / +601 6245 4791 for more information.


Tatmadaw Exhibition Centre is Yangon’s
premier centrally-located expo hall, with full-fledged facilities for exhibition purposes. The hall is located close to most major hotels and attractions, and is also easily accessible for local visitors as well.